Impact Mapper [māp -er] An individual or organization working to translate data into useful information through data discovery, consolidation, transformation, and visualization.

Mapping the Mappers (MtM) is a network of impact mappers that raises awareness of global impact mapping efforts, identifies opportunities for mapping coordination, and creates the foundation for data-driven collaboration that benefits the entire impact ecosystem.

The MtM network provides a space for members to share best practices and gain industry-level perspectives. and Tendrel have partnered to offer this program as a public good to data-focused organizations.


Bi-Monthly Calls & SOCAP Meeting

Regular community calls to connect with fellow impact ecosystem mappers, plus and an annual in-person meeting at SOCAP.


Best Practices Bulletin

Curated community listserv where requests, opportunities, blog content, and best practices are shared with peers.

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Collective Impact Projects

Peer working groups, focused on creating network resources, field-wide solutions, and tools for the mapper community.


"We are in a unique time to shape what social entrepreneurship can offer to the world. What better way than to have data mappers work to address the knowledge gaps, enhance the ability to increase impact, and work together as a peer group to advance solutions to the biggest challenges we face as a global society."

Devon DaveyAdvisor, Tendrel, CIP Leader and Participant