Membership in Convening the Conveners is targeted towards organizations that use the power of convening to advance positive change. Whether it is improving education, scaling poverty-alleviation initiatives, or increasing access to clean water, our members bring groups together to source solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges.

We’re excited to partner with mission-driven conveners who are committed to collaboration and collective advancement of the impact ecosystem.

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Convening the Conveners Membership is designed to help you meet valuable strangers, connect with industry leaders, and deepen your working relationships with peers. Membership offers you the resources and opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations with fellow conveners that can help you to understand each other's unique strengths, as well as current challenges; identify areas for collaboration; and co-create resources to advance the greater field. In addition, member tools are designed to build an organization’s internal capacity to design and implement effective convening.

Member benefits include:


These are sourced from experts around the world on how to increase the effectiveness of your convenings. The best practices cover a wide range of convening related topics from “how to increase participant diversity” to “how to convene virtually”, and from “strategies to measure the impact of your convening” to “best practices for building partnerships.” These tips have been tested by fellow convening veterans and are organized to be easily accessible and applicable.


A compilation of proven techniques and exercises that can be used in a variety of convening environments. Each best practice includes step-by-step instructions on how to apply the technique, what kind of group this has worked well for, and what type of objectives it can help advance. In addition, the best practices include anecdotal advice from fellow facilitators on things like tricks for how to best apply them, options for adapting the exercise, and pointers for settings in which a specific technique is not recommended. The directory can be a valuable resource for staff members and organizational leaders as they design specific meeting or multi-day convening agendas.


This online tool was created with the recognition that the success of our future convenings lies in our ability to increase the diversity of speakers we invite to join our events. The directory is a compilation of peer-recommended speakers included for their expertise and organized by topic, geographic region, languages spoken, gender, and more—with the objective of making it easier to find qualified diverse speakers for your events.


Attending each other’s key industry events is critical to both deepen a sense of community, and to advance learning. makes these convenings more accessible to you, by offering exclusive discounts for members only. This benefit allows to you to more affordably connect with your peers in person at multiple meetings and conferences during the year. While organizational membership is only $750—member discounts totaled over $4,000 last year.


Collaboration first begins with access to your peers. Our member directory enables you to quickly connect with the organizational heads of our member organizations through sharing their contact information.


These closed-door working sessions provide convening leaders the opportunity to discuss topics with peers. The sessions are designed to encourage interactive discussion, learning, and ideation. Members suggest the topics and have the opportunity to co-host a specific session during their regularly scheduled convening. The team then assumes responsibility for marketing, outreach, event planning, and agenda development.


Members have the opportunity to join a topic-specific working group with interested peers for a defined period of time with the objective of surfacing a community resource or tool. assumes responsibility for all of the administrative details associated with cross-organizational collaboration, so that busy members can focus on fully participating in the project. Previous CIPs have included “Agenda Aggregation”, “Moderator Training”, and “Mapping the Conveners Ecosystem.”


A series of monthly 30-minute calls during which members may connect with and update each other on convening initiatives. The regularly scheduled opportunity is designed to make reaching out to peer community members easy and ongoing.


These hour-long virtual convenings are designed to build capacity for member organizations’ teams related to a specific convening topic. The dynamic nature of the webinar encourages peers to share success stories, as well as tips on overcoming challenges. The advice shared is intended to be practitioner-friendly, as such they are often led by peers from the field and structured to provide advice and strategies that staff can easily apply on their own. Topics have included everything from “Disaster Preparedness for Your Convening” to “Best Practices to Build Effective Partnerships.”


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"When the Kroc School of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego became a member of we were looking to expand our collaborations everywhere. Soon after joining, their Executive Director came to share with our Women for Social Impact group how to design convening for greater impact, and showed us by example how to deepen connections and collaborations through intentional meeting experiences."

Patricia C. Márquez, PhD,Dean, Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies,University of San Diego


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