The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur is launching a speaking and organizing tour to mobilize
citizen action in California. We seek a Campaign Coordinator for Jonathan C. Lewis, life-long
social justice activist, social entrepreneur and author of The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur.
Jonathan has committed to tour the state full-time for the next 14 months speaking to audiences
about California’s unique 2018 opportunity to change the political landscape and the importance
of civic engagement. Using his new book as a point of entry, or platform, the tour aims to
inspire, catalyze and mobilize Californians to accept the social justice challenge of our time,
namely blocking the Trump/Republican Wasteland.

Job Description

This volunteer position will work directly with Jonathan as a combination advance person,
publicist, travel coordinator, advisor and aide-de- camp. This is a meaningful and fun
assignment. You will meet hundreds of community leaders throughout California, learn political
organizing skills and hear too many bad jokes.
Attributes, Qualifications and Other Intangibles: The ideal candidate is a ‘people person’ and
problem-solver who will enjoy reaching out and pitching speaking opportunities to conference
organizers, professors, community leaders, media producers, etc. and who respects the
importance of comprehensively handling detailed logistical-travel arrangements. Computer
fluency needed. No prerequisites or formal job qualifications because this is a “learning
Hours: 8-10 hours per week, but flexible. Location: Northern California home office, but
anywhere in California is workable. Duration: Start now until November, 2018. Direct expenses

To Apply

Check out Jonathan’s website and biography:, and then send him
an email with a short biography. Email:

The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur
More Info: