February 23: The Coaching Fellowship 2018 Cohort 1

The Coaching Fellowship

We are excited to open applications for the Coaching Fellowship 2018 Cohort 1 program!
Application deadline: February 23, 2018.

Since 2014, over 460 women impact leaders from 63 countries have gone through The Coaching Fellowship in 10 programs. Through the program, our Fellowship alumni are more confident, authentic, and self-aware leaders who thrive in both their work and life.

Program Highlights for 2018 Cohort 1:
- 50-75 available fellowship places
- 1:1 personalized coaching with one of our 80 coaches in 23 countries
- 11 hours of coaching over 6 months, two part program
- Weekly coaching tips and recommended readings
- Monthly group calls with other fellows
- Events and opportunities to connect with our extraordinary global alumni network

2018 Cohort 1 Program will begin April 30, 2018 and coaching will continue until October 26, 2018. Fellows must be available for coaching during this time. Visit our program page (https://tcfs.org/program/) for timeline and more information.

Applications are now OPEN and we would love you to apply. If you know any amazing young women who would benefit from The Coaching Fellowship, please do encourage her to also apply.

We look forward to meeting many more new women impact leaders from around the world in this application cycle!

Feb 23, 2018

SEA Office Hours

Social Enterprise Alliance

SEA Office Hours is a new initiative designed to help social entrepreneurs find answers to their most pressing business-related questions. Ever wonder what the pros and cons are of incorporating your social venture as an L3C? Do you have questions about how to increase your reach through your communications channels? Are you trying to write a business plan, but don’t know where to begin? SEA members can sign up for a FREE half hour consultation with one of SEA’s experienced advisors.

Who are SEA advisors?

SEA advisors are accomplished professionals with years of experience and expert knowledge. They come from a variety of backgrounds and careers including consultants, lawyers, financial advisors and more. What SEA advisors have in common is a desire to use their knowledge and skills to support social enterprises.

About the Program

SEA Office Hours are only open to dues paying members of SEA . JOIN SEA today for your chance to participate. As an SEA member, you can freely sign up for half hour consultation sessions in one the following subject areas:


rolling application

February 22: FoodStars Accelerator Application

FoodStars Accelerator : Feeding the cities

World Startup Factory and Impact Booster, two international innovation accelerators, initiated FoodStars to invite a broad coalition of corporates, research and knowledge institutes, government bodies and investors to invest together in boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in the sector. The New Farm, an international hub for urban farming, Ludvig Svensson, a Swedish company in climate control for greenhouses, the City of The Hague and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality are the first to support FoodStars.

Our activities are twofold. First, we foster innovative startups in smart farming that can feed the world’s cities. New technologies, production methods or business models; innovations that not only improve productivity and efficiency. But also have a social, health and or ecological impact. Second, together with our partners we are forging a lasting ecosystem for innovative startups in smart farming in metropolitan areas.

Does your startup have a solution that helps to feed the world’s cities? In vertical farming or horticulture? Does your innovation improve efficiency in water, energy or soil usage? Join our horti-tech accelerator and network in Westland, the world’s most renowned center for greenhouse horticulture.

January 22, 2018

Feb. 11: SEA Impact Lab Application

Social Enterprise Alliance

Impact Lab, in partnership with Uncharted, is a 5-day, funding readiness curriculum equipping social entrepreneurs and startups with the skills they need to seek investment. This hands-on workshop provides participants with an intensive curriculum, supported by world-class mentors, funders and a community of fellow entrepreneurs. Ideal for those who have an existing product and are looking to systematically scale their venture, this program will leave participants with a host of tangible outcomes and skills to approach investors, and a community that provides long-lasting support.

February 11, 2018

One World Training and Investment Seeking For-Profit Entrepreneurs

One World Training and Investment

We’re getting ready for our spring 2018 Demo Day and look for outstanding social entrepreneurs who are ready to present at our April demo day (date will be announced soon) and take their social enterprise to the next level.

We’re looking for Bay Area based social impact for-profit companies (seeking both financial and social/ environmental returns)!

* Company, CEO name, email contact

* Elevator pitch (2-3 lines) - if you know it

* Funding status (i.e. "currently seeking $1.5M seed round) - if you know it


OCT 27: The Climathon Challenge

Climathon is a global 24-hour climate change hackathon which will take place simultaneously in major cities around the world on 27 October 2017.

It brings together the challenges of the world’s cities with the people who have the passion and ability to solve them. Climathon attracts innovators, entrepreneurs, students and professionals to create innovative solutions to cities climate challenges.

In cities with a 24 hour Climathon event, a Young Climathon can be set up for undergraduate students with a related challenge but with shorter time frame.

Now its third year of operation, the Climathon movement has grown tremendously over the past two years, encouraging more innovators across the globe to drive climate action.

Climathon has grown from 19 to 59 cities in the space of a year, operating across 6 continents, creating over 2330 ideas and reaching 16.8 million people worldwide in 2016.

Learn more here: https://climathon.climate-kic.org

OCT 31: Media Innovation Program

Media Development Investment Fund

Media Innovation Program to cultivate independent media in South Africa. Free and independent media was limited under South Africa’s decades-long apartheid regime and is an increasing concern under the government of embattled President Jacob Zuma. The South African Media Innovation Program will provide funding and business support for new and existing digital media outlets that are building sustainable revenue models. The three-year, $4 million partnership brings together Open Society Foundation of South Africa, Omidyar Network and the Media Development Investment Fund. “The space to report clearly and credibly outside the framework of vested political and commercial interests has narrowed sharply in recent years,” says Open Society’s Fatima Hassan. An innovation challenge will identify viable news and information products for local and underserved communities. Applications are due October 31.

October 31, 2017

NOV 1: SVN’s Innovation Entrepreneurs Program

Social Venture Network

SVN's Innovation Entrepreneurs Program identifies and supports diverse, innovative, and high-impact business leaders.

SVN’s Innovation Entrepreneurs Program focuses on identifying women entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs of color who are leveraging business for the greater good.

Innovation Entrepreneurs are welcomed into the SVN community, a network of influential, mission-driven leaders who support one another professionally and personally. As Innovation Entrepreneurs, emerging leaders gain access to people, resources, and ideas to help scale their organizations and deepen their impact.

Meet SVN's 2015-2016 Innovation Entrepreneurs.

"SVN is the only community where I've found so many like-minded people, who have both the experience in building a viable business and who are committed to achieving social impact. That's what is unique about SVN—there are people who understand what you're trying to do and are genuinely interested in helping you." —Frederick Hutson, CEO and Founder, Pigeonly

SVN's Innovation Entrepreneurs Program is part of The Bridge Initiative, SVN's long-term commitment to raising the profile of diverse entrepreneurs and bringing new insights to the mission-driven business movement.

Prospective Innovation Entrepreneurs must lead organizations with annual revenues between $500K-$2 Million; organizations that have been fully operational for one year, but less than seven; and must complete the application below to be considered for the program. Applications will be reviewed beginning September 1, 2017 and approved on a rolling basis after that time. Limited spaces are available. Applications are due by November 1, 2017.

Accepted applicants must commit to attending Business for the Greatest Good: SVN's 30th Anniversary Conference & Gala to participate in the Innovation Entrepreneurs program. This program is designed to welcome new members into the network. Current and former SVN members are not eligible to apply. A maximum of two senior leaders from an organization may apply. For questions, please contact Isaac Graves at isaac@svn.org.

November 1, 2017

NOV 6: Pepperdine Cross Sector Leadership Fellows Program

Pepperdine School of Public Policy

The Pepperdine Cross Sector Leadership Fellows program is the signature leadership education initiative designed for mid- and late-career professionals working across the nation in Business, Nonprofits, Philanthropy, Academia, and Government. Fellows bring a diversity of expertise and experiences; a desire to learn and contribute, and a passion for solving complex problems by applying learning to projects in their communities, throughout the nation, and across the world. The program aims to help Fellows build their practice of leadership in a number of ways, including:

  • Four, 3-day, in-person learning experiences in Los Angeles/Malibu, Washington, DC, and New York City;
  • Engaging in continued learning, reading, and networking throughout the Fellowship;
  • Coaching calls, with a certified coach, focused on their personal growth, success in the Fellows program, and success in their cross sector work;
  • A unique and growing cross sector problem-solving network of Fellows, alumni, faculty, and guest speakers.

The program remains a year-long multi-city experience, bringing together a curated cohort of senior executives from business, nonprofits, government, philanthropy, and academia for experiences that will forever alter their problem-solving mindset. Apply for the program before the Transition Deadline on Monday, November 6. For more information, please visit our website.

In order to be considered for the 2018 Pepperdine Cross Sector Fellows program, candidates must submit a completed application packet that includes the following:

  • Online application form, includes uploading your resume and describing a cross sector project you propose to work on during the Fellowship
  • Online recommendation form by someone who knows you and your work well (one recommendation is required, and up to two recommendations will be accepted).

Follow the link below to learn more and to apply.

November 6. 2017

NOV 6: Mentor Capital Network Entrepreneurs Program

Mentor Capital Network (MCN)

The Mentor Capital Network - What We Offer

Mentoring relationships where you and the mentor choose each other. We curate teams of experts to provide feedback on your business plan from their experienced & diverse perspectives. Our goal is to connect the entrepreneurs to the right mentors to build powerful & mutually beneficial relationships. In the past 10 years we have engaged more than 1,000 mentors who have donated more than $6mm worth of their time. Result: more than 600 for-profit enterprises have launched or strengthened, creating thousands of jobs and impacting millions of people.

We don't take you away from running your company. Our programs are light-touch, and we use as little of your time as we can to add as much value as possible. If you are looking for a more intensive program, we have some suggestions.
A network of founders and peers solving similar problems. Our mentors and entrepreneurs are working on the world's hardest problems. We create a platform for you to engage with them, founder-to-founder, to learn from and strengthen each other's efforts.

Prizes and investor connections for our top companies. We have cash and professional service prizes worth more than $20,000, as well as opportunities to participate in our Investor Fishbowl and Green Grab events where we put companies in front of accredited investors.

November 6. 2017

NOV 19: GrowthAfrica Acceleration Programme

GrowthAfrica Acceleration Programme

The GrowthAfrica Acceleration Programme is demanding, but so is success! The programme and our support is designed to help you scale your venture, make it investment ready and develop your entrepreneurial leadership.

The aim of the 6 months’ programme is to accelerate and unlock significant growth in your business. Download the APPLICATION PACKAGE and FAQS here if you wish to prepare off-line. Application deadline: November 19th, 2017 – at midnight

The programme consists of a 5-days’ boot camp and then subsequently six 3-days workshops where we establish the foundation and equip you with tools to diagnose your business and devise strategies to optimize your business in all conceivable areas.

After each workshop you will work in-company with the assistance of your mentor, growth catalyst, financial modeller and sages to implement your new strategies and innovations – boosting your growth trajectory in significant ways.

Workshops are Wednesday-Friday every four weeks, providing you with time to apply what you learned, plan and prepare for the next workshop, and keep your focus running and developing your business.

November 19. 2017

DEC 1: frank Research Prize in Public Interest Communications

Public Interest Communications is an interdisciplinary area of study and practice that brings together diverse research to advance social change. From psychological insights on how people form beliefs and make decisions to the science of effective messaging and storytelling, Public Interest Communications calls for the use of scientific insights to design communication strategy and solve our world's biggest challenges.

Scholars dedicate their lives to solving problems and many of the issues we face today have potential solutions found in academic research. Unfortunately, too many of their insights never leave the pages of academic journals or conference halls.

Through frank and our annual gathering, we're building a community of strategists, communicators, leaders, activists, journalists and scholars who share, collaborate and apply the best of what they know to the world's largest social challenges.

Submit your published research to the $10k research prize. Every year we award one $10,000 prize and two $1,500 prizes for published, peer-reviewed research that informs and drives better practice in the field of public interest communications.

Past winners include:
2017: Lisa Fazio, assistant professor of psychology and human development at Vanderbilt University, for her work on how memory is linked to misinformation.
2016: Troy Campbell, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Oregon, for his work on using the beliefs of your audience to craft better and persuasive messages for social change solutions.
2015: Sara Bleich, professor of public health policy at Harvard University, for her work on the use of visuals in driving healthy behavior change.
2014: Jina Yoo, professor of communication at the University of Missouri, for her work on how emotions can drive positive behavior change.

All three finalists will speak at our 2018 frank gathering in Gainesville, Florida, Feb. 6-9, 2018.

Learn more about the prize and submit your work (or share this with your favorite scholar). We are accepting submissions until 5 p.m. EST,  Friday, Dec. 1, 2017.

For more questions, please email Annie Neimand, research director.

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